In this course you will learn:

Why the media is crucial to democracy • The business of the media • How to navigate the news with Boundaries, Accountability, and Grace • How to find reliable news sources • How to fact check news stories, conspiracy theories, and social media posts • How to stay informed without going out of your mind

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Stay informed without going out of your mind

My name is Sara Beth Wald, and I’m a news media junkie. I have a master’s degree in journalism, and I’ve worked in and around media for most of my career. I’m a former newspaper columnist, and outspokenly non-partisan. I’ve created an online course to help you think for yourself, come to your own conclusions, and filter through the muck of the media. If you are tired of all the contradictions, and aren’t afraid of stepping outside your comfort zone to find the truth, join me for Mastering the Media: Navigating the News with Mindfulness.

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What people are saying about Mastering the Media...


Billings, Montana, USA

"Earlier this year I was quite confused and a bit dismayed about where to seek out factual, accurate, current event news. Sara has created a high quality Mastering the Media course that will help you expertly and efficiently evaluate news sources and content. I finished it up last week and it was incredible! She is offering it FREE right now (which won't last long) so I encourage you to check it out."


Bristol, United Kingdom

"Mastering the Media is an essential multileveled course. It teaches us about media and what it is, news and editorials, how the media interprets the truth and how to see through the interpretations. At the same time, it teaches us how to look past our own bias and beliefs and calls on us as media consumers to be responsible and use common sense. It's a clear, practical and timely overview of what to consider and how to get to the real news and truth. I believe that Sara's course is necessary for anyone who has no journalistic background but wants to get into the post-conflict/conflict field either nationally or internationally."


Hamburg, Germany

"I loved doing this course. It is a journey, a path through the jungle of confusion in our wonderful social, global and connected world of news. If you want to get a deeper understanding of the mission and history of free press and learn more about the (real) purpose of media, what the mission of media should be, you are in the right place. And it does not stop there, it provides you with tools and support to figure out the truth behind the news by yourself. Take a cup of tea and your time, and you will get many valuable information sugared with a sense of humor, salted with a little bit of sarcasm and well rounded-up by a lot of passion and commitment! I believe this course is for everyone who likes to be well informed and not confused."